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Call of Duty Weekly: Praetor in demand

It is officially pre-season for everyone in the Call of Duty community and with only a week left before registrations for the Do Gaming League close, there has been a huge level of activity within our community.

Player Spotlight: Graham “Praetor” Venski

A source who has asked to remain unnamed has rated Graham “Praetor” Venski as a very good assault player who is known to support his team very well. Apparently a number of teams are after Graham but his loyalty to his team Impi has kept him firmly in place.

Player Spotlight: Shaun “WolfZor “ Godsil

Another source went on to give a lashing report when asked to rate Shaun “WolfZor “ Godsil’s in-game performance.

He revealed that Shaun has good reactions, a keen understanding of the game and is a very quick pistol player. In terms of weaknesses he felt that Shaun lacked game sense, team support, was too easily predictable and suffered from overconfidence.

Hacking in Ghosts running amok?

With UAC no longer in business and Ghosts not using VAC in clan matches the community has expressed its fear that hacking could get out of control. What do you think?

COD pickups not maintained

Many members have been left upset recently as the head Pickup admin on IRC has apparently lost all focus and has not been doing the job he has been appointed. Unless this issue is addressed, the community will become further enraged.

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