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VOD: Pick n Play - bvd.COD:Ghosts vs. eN.Blaze

eN.Blaze look to cement their place at the top of the 2014 Telkom Gaming (DGL) Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division with a win over long-time rivals bvd.COD:Ghosts.

Having run riotover «GT»Re8elz a week earlier, Blaze are favourite to lift yet another Premier leg title while Bravado slumped to the bottom half of the table following the BaNaNaZz Controversy.

In their Summer Leg reverse fixture, Bravado slipped up to allow Blaze to tie up the Premier Division while this time around, a win or a draw would ensure complete Winter victory for the Energy side.

The DGL match lasted just over the two hour mark with casting from local Call of Duty enthusiasts Joshua "Fluff_E<3" Forbes and Brad 'BaNaNaZz' Altona.

Check out the full match [below], courtesy of nAvTV.

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