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VnR-Aequitas to Retire From Ghosts DGL

Vnr-Aequitas has been living a divided life so far this year, having taken part in both the Call of Duty: Ghosts (Ghosts) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Legs so far this year.

After a disappointing run in the Ghosts Summer Leg the Veneration Gaming side was put into the Summer Leg Playoffs, where they are currently middle of their pack in their group. Their CS:GO career is still a new one, having only started as a competitive CS team this year, but still managed a fifth place finish in Group C of the Open Division for the CS:GO Summer Leg.

After much deliberation amongst the side, the call has finally been made to turn their full competitive focus onto CS:GO, in hopes of obtaining a higher division by the end of the year.

Telkom Do Gaming managed to chat to Alex “XaXas” Van Der Merwe and Jean “B0n3” Fick about the teams retirement and their future plans:

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): What is the teams motivation for retiring from the Ghosts Telkom DGL 2014?
Alex “XaXas” Van Der Merwe:
Basically we never wanted to enter Ghosts in the first place, because we feel Activision’s focus moved to console play and not PC play. The lack of dedicated servers coupled with the fact that we don’t enjoy ghosts enough to play it on a daily basis did it for us.

I can go into detail as to why we hate ghosts but this is no time for a rant. The reason why we entered the DGL is because we felt like the quality of the Premier Division teams and First Division teams weren’t as high as previous years, and we figured we'd be able to keep a good seed, or at least a First Division seed, just in case the next CoD edition is better.

Alex "XaXas" Van Der Merwe.

DG: Do you feel like Call of Duty's competitive model is beginning to fall behind other titles?

Van Der Merwe:
I don’t feel like the competitive model is falling away at all, I just think their focus shifted onto console. It’s doing great, big international competitions and all, but Infinity Ward seems more focussed on casual play now to be honest – the lack of all the eSports functionality in Black Ops 2 had from the beginning of their release is a clear indication.

Even though they added the eSports functionality later on, it just shows us where they're aiming at. I think CoD on the PC won’t ever be what it was a few years back – it'll grow on console, but competitive play on the PC not as much.

DG: What can we expect from VnR-Aequitas in the future?

Jean “B0n3” Fick:
We're definitely going to put all out time into CS, we want to be First Division by the end of the Winter Leg, so that's what we're aiming towards at the moment. CS is in our opinion just a much better FPS. You don't have stupid problems like fps lag, p2p lag or any of those problems you'll complain about in CoD. (You cannot see through smoke!), plus the competitiveness in CS is much more thrilling. We absolutely love how much thinking and strategy goes into for example, the 1v1 situations. It takes a lot more time, practice and skill to be good at CS, and we're willing to put in the time because we feel it's the FPS to be playing.

DG: Do you think you will ever return to CoD?

Van Der Merwe:
Our first thoughts were to keep the Ghosts seed for the next CoD season so that we don’t have to start over, but we don’t know how the next CoD would be like – it might be better it might be worse. Then what about the cod after that? Are we planning on playing on and off every year or two?

We'd rather put our efforts in something like CS:GO, which won’t be such a drastic change every year. So yeah, if the next cod is better, we'll play it, but our focus probably won’t shift from CS:GO for a good few years now. It’s pretty easy to still move up from Open Division at the beginning of the year to take the DGC Cup that same year, so only the game itself will tell.

Razer are sponsors of the CS:GO Telkom DGL 2014.

Fick has taken over as captain of VnR-Aequitas thanks to the shift in games, and will be leading the team during the Winter Leg. If you want to keep up with the latest updates from Veneration Gaming, make sure to follow them on their Facebook Page.

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