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Ap3x 'Rescue' Core Line-up

`uNk|Ap3x return to 2014 Telkom DGL Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division action after a violation of league rules and regulations resulted in a forfeit.

The newly promoted side was scheduled to face log leaders eN.Frost back in June but instead gifted their rivals the four points after failing to meet the league’s ‘core line-up’ requirement.

According to the DGL Rules and Regulations, “a team’s Core Players are a certain number of players who played the most matches for the team in the previous leg of the competition.”

This would mean that of the existing Ap3x squad, only Stephan ‘MongerZ Byliefeldt and Hamo ‘Lyricalformat’ Manukyan were recognized as ‘core players’, and not Cameron ‘NaNo ‘Hamman as the team originally believed.

Fortunately, in cooperation with the DGL and in good spirit, the team took full advantage of the transfer window with both Rowen 'Matrox 'Ap3x' Pillay and Shelton 'DeathStroke' Deans returning to the line-up after Manukyan chose to depart for bvd COD:Ghosts.

Pillay and Deans didn’t have to travel far with the pair sitting top of the Open Division table with `uNk|Ax1s, who remain undefeated in seven competitive matchups despite the departure of several key players.

`uNk|Ap3x marked their return to competitive action with a convincing win over struggling «GT»Re8elz and shocked everyone as they handed bvd COD:Ghosts their first ‘real’ defeat since the start of the winter campaign following the BaNaNaZz controversy.

A string of victories sees the team four points from safety ahead of their crucial pick n play encounter with BzK-eXe sometime next week.

More to follow.

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