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uNk Field 'Illegal Line-up'

`uNk|Ap3x suffer a second defeat to Energy eSports after failing to meet the ‘core line-up’ requirements of the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division.

`uNk|Ap3x were scheduled to meet eN.Frost on Sunday, 22 June but were forced to forfeit the four points after a breach in the DGL Rules and Regulations saw them field an illegal line-up.

According to the DGL Rules and Regulations, “a team’s Core Players are a certain number of players who played the most matches for the team in the previous leg of the competition.”

This would mean that of the existing `uNk|Ap3x squad, only Stephan ‘MongerZ Byliefeldt and Hamo ‘Lyricalformat’ Manukyan remain ‘core players’, and not Cameron ‘NaNo ‘Hamman as the team believed.

Fortunately, as we enter match week six of league competition the second official Winter Leg transfer window is currently open.

`uNk|Ap3x will need to delve into the transfer market and look to bring back either Steven 'Sorrow' Rudings, Rowen 'Matrox 'Ap3x' Pillay or Shelton 'Gamer' Deans or risk forfeiting the remainder of the Winter Leg.

This could prove to be difficult with the trio sitting comfrotably at the top of the Ghosts PC Open Division with `uNk|Ax1s.

`uNk|Ap3x currently sit in fifth place, two points clear of relegation, but could risk losing out at a spot in the annual Do Gaming Championships should they fail to remedy their line-up in time.

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