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`uNk|Ap3x Shock Bravado

Newly promoted `uNk|Ap3x capitalized on an irregular bvd.COD:Ghosts lineup to hand the Summer Leg victors their first ‘real’ defeat of the Telkom League Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division.

Recently, Ap3x were forced to gift rivals eN.Frost the four points after failing to meet the DGL’s ‘core line-up’ requirement while Bravado saw as many as three league matches deemed forfeit following the BaNaNaZz farce.

Engulfed in controversy, both teams were hoping to turn their focus to league competition and bounce back from a taxing winter campaign with a win last Thursday night.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t Bravado’s night as they crumbled to an opening 18-6 defeat on Octane after technical difficulties saw Hamo ‘Lyricalformat’ Manukyan replace Sebastian ‘pRodiGy’ Volker early on in the matchup.

The joint Summer Leg winners fought desperately to bring the series back with a 12-12 draw on Warhawk but could not complete the comeback, going down 14-10 on Tremor to close the series in favor of the underdogs.

“We are very pleased with our performance and how we handled ourselves against Bravado,” says Captain Dominic ‘Dominoz’ Rissik.

“In all fairness, they did experience a number of technical difficulties on Octane but I don’t think they were ever really prepared to handle our hyper-aggressive style-of-play. We played really well and are amply looking forward to the Do Gaming Championships and a top finish.”

Ap3x now sit tied for points with their opponents, deep within the relegation zone as we enter the final week of league competition.

Both teams could all but secure survival should they pick up the wins and other results go their way while Bravado in particular are going to have a tough time against a difficult BzK-eXe following their crucial pick n’ play encounter with rivals eN.Blaze tonight.

Check out the Ghosts PC Premier Division table here.

nAv GamingTV

eN.Blaze. vs. bvd COD:Ghosts will be casted by nAv GamingTV’s Joshua "Fluff_E<3" Forbes over on the navtv_cod stream.

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