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TMTN`Vitality Struggling

TMTN`Vitality [formerly [HRO]SixSense] are off to a bumpy start after managing two wins, a draw and a loss in the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC Winter Leg First Division.

Despite finishing fourth in the Summer Leg Open Division, a massive 11 points off leaders eR`Dark Knights, TMTN`Vitality tore apart the Breakthrough Playoffs to top Group A undefeated but have struggled to find their feet in the opening weeks of the winter campaign.

Things started well enough as the team swept aside [AXE] Sacred Blade in match week one before a draw to [SNi]MS13 left the newly promoted outfit exposed in defense.

MS13 Opened the series 13-11 on Warhawk but crumbled against a resilient Vitality 13-9 on Overlord to level out the match.

A third a final showdown on Freight saw both teams trade dangerously close to victory but with neither side able to cement a lead, the map ended 12-12 to close of the series in a draw.

Deflated but undefeated, TMTN`Vitality looked to bounce back against a difficult BzK-x5 line-up but were unable to close down their opponents on Tremor as the team slumped to their first league defeat since March.

BzK-x5 took a difficult first win, 13-11 on Warhawk before Vitality took the momentum heading into map three with a valiant 13-11 comeback of their own on Freight.

Ultimately the series would end 2-1 in favor of BerZerk, as the former cemented the four points 16-8 on Tremor to catapult them to fourth with a game in hand while TMTN`Vitality slipped to sixth, one point off their opponents.

Vitality closed off match week four with a comfortable win over BoB 101, 33-15 overall, but will have to wait for Sunday’s results to get a proper read on their position as we pass the league half way mark.

Can TMTN`Vitality make the most of their remaining fixtures and qualify for the Premier Playoffs?

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