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Insta-Clash Cup Championship Recap

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Domination Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: RpSRelapse [Relapse]

The Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Valentine’s Edition 5v5 Domination Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) came to an exciting close on Saturday, 1 March as RpSRelapse took down eS~SnowflakePretzel to claim the first BF4 ICC of the year.

The match saw both teams putting in good performances, with RpSRelapse managing to narrowly edge out rivals eternal~Synthesis 143-0/14-0 on Langcang Dam and 113-0/95-0 on Zavod.

Match Report here.

Dota 2

Invitational Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: [NSD]Full on Jukes [Never Say Die]

NoPro Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: BzK-No Plan'B [BerZerK Gaming]

The Dota 2 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Valentine’s Edition Invitational Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) came to a close on Sunday, 2 March in a titanic clash between [NSD]FoJ and eN.Legs, with the Never Say Die team coming out 2 -1 victors in a surprising upset.

[NSD]FoJ is fast becoming one of the teams to watch in the Dota 2 DGL Premier Division, and had a magnificent show of force in the Invitational ICC, taking wins off multiple powerhouse teams, including bvd Blue and now eN.Legs.

Match Report here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Ghosts PC Invitational Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: bvd COD:Ghosts [Bravado Gaming]

Ghosts PC NoPro Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: eN.Rival [Energy eSports]

Bravado Gaming defeated premier rivals Energy eSports to claim their first accolade of the 2014 campaign in the Ghosts Invitational Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition final.

The two teams met on Thursday, 27 February with bvd COD:Ghosts taking consecutive victories over their opponents, 13-8 and 13-9 on Warhawk and Overlord respectively.

Bravado reached the final after a convincing 2 - 0 win over 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg Premier Division log leaders Team Immersion.

Match Report here.

League of Legends

LoL NoPro Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition: zXc™Kung-Fu Penta [Team zXc Maelstrom]

The League of Legends (LoL) Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition came to an exciting end on Wednesday, 26 February as zXc™Kung-Fu Penta swept past 'FF'Forfeit Front 2 – 0 to claim the first LoL ICC of the year.

zXc™Kung-Fu Penta currently sits in first place of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) LoL Summer Leg Open Division’s Group F, having taken maximum points from their opening five matches and will now look to continue that unbeaten run as Insta-Clash Cup Winners.

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