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BaNaNaZz Controversy Explained

bvd COD:Ghosts face relegation and embarrassment following the ban of Brad 'BaNaNaZz' Altona from the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division – pending his VAC ban.

Altona, a key figure in Bravado’s push for the top of the Premier Division prior to his switch to Team Immersion, faces a three-year ban from the DGL after receiving an apparent VAC ban which neither the accused, nor Activision reportedly know anything about.

This type of anomaly is not uncommon throughout the Ghosts community and Altona is already in the process of appealing the ban with both Activision and Steam.

The DGL however, has decided to punish the player [and team] accordingly, as per the official rules and regulations, and the ban will remain pending the outcome of the appeal.

Telkom Do Gaming has long maintained a policy that any player with a PunkBuster/VAC ban will automatically receive a permanent ban from the DGL while the player retains the right to appeal, as was the case of Tyron 'zombz' Craig back in 2011.

As of writing there is little or no evidence to suggest Altona was or was not cheating but in light of the accusation, it’s important to note that the former Bravado man did make contact with the DGL immediately after receiving the ban.

Prior to their punishment, bvd COD:Ghosts sat tied for second, two points off rivals eN.Frost but have since dropped to eighth place, deep within the relegation zone as we approach the end of the winter campaign.

The effect of the ban extends far further than just Bravado, with Team immersion forced to forfeit their most recent league matchup against BoB cDc despite dismantling the struggling outfit 20-4 and 18-6 on Freight and Warhawk respectively.

Altona made the switch to iM'Ghosts after failing to break into the regular Bravado line-up and was quick to impose himself on Monday night’s matchup, racking up well over 50 kills across two maps.

The Immersion man will be ineligible for selection when his new team face a struggling impi(Ghosts) next week.

Altona has competed in several Telkom Do Gaming Championships and played under several top banners including the likes of Energy eSports, Bravado Gaming and now Team Immersion.

The player in question has submitted full information and in-game demos to the necessary affiliate in an effort to defend his position.

Valve is yet to make contact with Altona regarding his appeal.

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