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HiVe pushing for Premier

Highly Interactive Virtual Entertainment sit comfortably at the top of the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC First Division after taking maximum points from three games.

The log leaders swept aside Band of Brothers, Heyro-Gaming and more recently Rise against Gaming in their push for a Premier Playoff spot and don’t look like dropping points anytime soon.

The squad look well on their way to cementing their place in the league’s highest division, having demolished a formidable 32b` Synergy line-up in the Ghosts PC Invitational Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) Valentines Edition to book a match later tonight against Premier favourites Bravado Gaming in the round-of-eight.

Do Gaming caught up with HiVe|Ap3x 'Ghosts captain Shelton ‘Gamer’ Deans who’s looking forward to the blockbuster clash.

Do Gaming: Currently, HiVe|Ap3x 'Ghosts sit top of the table having taken maximum points from your opening games. Do you expect to finish top come the end of the Summer Leg?

Shelton ‘Gamer’ Deans: I think at this stage I have confidence in my team and their capabilities. I think we have a great chance of topping this group and I think rA`Ascension were our arguably out toughest opponents so far.

DG: Recently you and your team were able to best 32b` Synergy to secure a match against bvd.COD:Ghosts later tonight. How have you been preparing for the crucial matchup?

Deans: We are glad we managed to beat 32b, it was a good game and they are definitely a team that will go far in the local league.

I do however think bvd can be beaten. We have played them a couple of times before and are hoping we can at least show that we are capable of handeling premier competition. We will play a game or two to prepare.

DG: Obviously the end goal is secure a place in the Winter Leg Premier Division. Which team do you feel could prove to be your biggest obstacle in your push for the top flight?

Deans: We are definitely aiming for the Premier Division. I think we deserve to be there and while im comfortable we will top our group, I think we will definitely need to improve even further.

DG: Tell us a bit more about the squad.

Deans: Cameron ‘Nano’ Hamman and I play assault. We aim to provide cover for our smgs Hamo ‘Lyricalformat’ Manukyan and Henry ‘Legit’ Linde while Stephan ‘MongerZ’ Byliefeldt bears down on our opponents with his scope.

Our subs Rowen Matrox’ Pillay, Steven ‘Sorrow’ Rudings and Adriaan ‘Little’ Koch are also more than capable of stepping in to the line-up while the team is gelling well together overall.

DG: What advice could you give to other teams looking to make it ‘big’ in the local competitive community?

Deans: As a team you should play a lot of games together but the biggest thing is to stick together.

Make an effort to get to know one another as best as you can and try watch the Premier teams, there is a lot you can learn from the best.

bvd.COD:Ghosts vs. HiVe|Ap3x 'Ghosts

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