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Ghosts PC Premier Playoffs Revealed

With the end of the 2014 Telkom Gaming League Ghosts PC Winter Leg, teams can now turn their attention to a testing promotion/relegation battle ahead of the 2015 season.

Over the next four weeks, 12 of the country’s top teams will compete in a best-of-three (BO3) round robin format to determine who will enjoy premier competition come the start of the 2015 campaign.

The 12 teams have been organised into two groups of six teams each, with the top two set to qualify for the 2015 Summer Leg Premier Division and a seat at this year’s annual Telkom Gaming Championships (DGC).

The remaining four teams will be demoted to the 2015 Summer Leg First Division but will qualify for the DGC Playoffs.

BoB cDc
[AXE] Flaming Cut

Please ensure that your team meets the DGL ‘core player’ requirement as detailed by the official Rules and Regulations .

Also remember that any player you field during the Premier Playoffs will remain part of your team until the close of the 2014 season – in an effort to prevent ‘once-off substitutions’.

All rosters will lock on Monday, 28 July and will remain closed until the end of the playoff campaign on 24 August 2014.

eR`Dark Knights
eVo_za Team `rQ

The DGC Playoffs will occur directly after the Winter Leg Playoffs and offer 12 teams a chance to be invited to take part at the 2014 DGC.

Premier Playoffs: bottom four per group (8 teams in total).
Break-Through Playoffs: top two per group (4 teams in total).

The 12 teams will organised into two groups of six players each, with the top three from each group guaranteed a seat at this year’s DGC.

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