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Ghosts PC Premier Division This Week

The 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC Winter Leg Premier Division is in action later this week with bvd COD:Ghosts having opened match week two with a crushing victory over BoB cDc on Monday, 28 May.

The two teams met in a rather one-sided match as joint Summer Leg victors Bravado Gaming closed the series 2-0 in impeccable fashion having swept their opponents aside 13-2 and 13-0 on Tremor and Overlord respectively.

The start of the winter campaign has been a dismal one for BoB cDc who were taken apart by «GT»Re8elz last week before another difficult showdown with the Premier Division favorites on Monday.

Consecutive defeats see them grounded at the foot of the Premier table with a devastating `uNk|Ap3x line up to come in match week three.

Another loss in the league’s top flight would all but guarantee relegation for the newly promoted outfit who are unlikely to pick up points on their current run of form, while `uNk|Ap3x will be looking to avoid a repeat of their match against eN.Blaze which brought an end to the team’s undefeated streak.

The two teams met on Sunday, 25 May with Blaze managing their only win of the series, 13-10 on Tremor before back-to-back 12-12 draws on Warhawk and Octane respectively, were enough to condem `uNk|Ap3x to their first loss in nine league matchups.

Meanwhile, `uNk|Ap3x first have to contend with a wounded iM'Ghosts in match week two with the latter having lost their opening fixture to Bravado, while «GT»Re8elz prepare to take on impi(Ghosts) tonight Thursday, 29 May.

Thursday, 29 May

impi~eVe~ZA|Dragons vs. eN.Frost @ 20:00 CAT

impi(Ghosts) vs. «GT»Re8elz @ 20:30 CAT

Sunday, 1 June

iM'Ghosts vs. `uNk|Ap3x @ 20:00 CAT

eN.Blaze. vs. BzK-eXe @ 20:00 CAT

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