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eN Tie Up Premier with Big Win

Top teams share the spoils of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts Summer Leg Premier Division after Bravado suffered their first defeat of the campaign to an impressive eN.Blaze.

The two teams met on Sunday, 23 March with Bravado primed to cement their place as Summer Leg winners but slipped up to driven Energy line-up that managed back-to-back wins, 13-5 and 13-11 on Warhawk and Octane respectively.

Energy eSports have been on fine form since suffering their only league defeat to Team Immersion in the opening weeks of competition and entered the heavyweight clash off the back of an impressive win over impi(Ghosts).

“Energy eSports has developed a whole new attitude when it comes to Ghosts and our other games, we've brought in some fresh blood, new influences and a different approach to competitive gaming within our team,” says Captain Raphael ‘Swiss 4.20’ Herles.

“The Summer Leg has been a fantastic experience and will no doubt set the foundations for what will be an extremely competitive year leading up to the Do Gaming Championships.”

Bravado may have had ‘nothing to lose’ heading into the fixture, Blaze had everything to gain, knowing a win would see them tied for first with their close rivals at the top of the table.

The result sees both teams six points clear of the rest of the log, having managed six wins from seven games respectively while iM'Ghosts shares second place with -xG-eXe.

“With our combined experience and game play I was certain we could pull off the upset against Bravado. The first map was a breeze, 13-5 on Warhawk, but they fought back hard on Octane as week took the map 13-11," added Herles.

“Our team work, coordination and cover was brilliant as we won 2-0 but in particular Marco "PewPew" Erasmus was absolutely devastating on the night. Not only did he manage to ace the Bravado line-up but picked up crucial pick-offs round after round."

Sunday’s leg decider proved to be the highlight of an intense summer campaign and although Bravado may have come off second best in the closing week, a comfortable Ghosts Insta-Clash Cup victory coupled with a top finish in the league’s top flight represents a fruitful start to the 2014 season.

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