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CoolerMaster Sponsors the 2014 Telkom DGL Call of Duty: Ghosts Championships

CoolerMaster has announced that it will be sponsoring over R70,000 in cash and hardware prizes to the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Call of Duty: Ghosts Championships.

CoolerMaster has put together a fantastic team of veterans who co-develop products with eSports athletes and engineers to create the CM Storm brand. The CM Storm range of products is designed specifically for gamers and has been tried and tested to improve upon the needs of gamers. CM Storm is also responsible for the sponsorship of South Africa’s former professional gamer Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha, who joined the CM Storm team for the 2013 season. This sponsorship is CoolerMaster and CM Storm's way of showing that it's dedicated to gaming and has a growing interest in the involvement and development of the eSports community both in South Africa and globally.

Owen Lien , CoolerMaster MEA Region Manager, says that the continual support for South African eSports is a top priority for CoolerMaster’s CM Storm brand.

“We are very happy to be involved with the Telkom DGL again this year as we strive to push eSports in South Africa.”

This is the first year in the DGL for Call of Duty: Ghosts, but it’s a revisit for the franchise as we have seen great success in every Call of Duty game in the DGL as the years have progressed. 2014 is a significant year for gaming in South Africa as it includes the DGL’s first first-person shooter league on console which has proven to be quite a success.

The Summer Leg for COD: Ghosts on PC saw 51 entries make their way into the competition with the Winter Leg registrations sitting on 29 at the time of writing. The COD: Ghosts Xbox league saw 36 teams enter the Summer Leg which is a very impressive result for the first year as the PS3 version saw 13 entries too.

Ricus Groenewald, Telkom Gaming Specialist, says that the inclusion of console first-person shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts into the DGL shows just how popular gaming is becoming in all walks of life.

“Call of Duty: Ghosts is a great experience both on PC and console and we are very happy to have the support of CoolerMaster once again for the 2014 season,” he says.

Prize Breakdown


1st Place: 5 x QuickFire Rapid-I keyboards, 5 x Sirus C headsets, 5 x Mizar mice and R10,000 in cash.
2nd Place: 5 x Sirus C headsets, 5 x Mizar mice and R5,000 in cash.
3rd Place: 5 x Sirus C headsets

Xbox 360:

1st Place: 4 x Sirus C headsets and R5,000 in cash
2nd Place: 4 x Sirus C headsets and R3,000 in cash
3rd Place: 4 x Sirus C headsets and R2,000 in cash

About CM Storm

CM Storm invests in the world's biggest tournaments and gaming events such as the ESL (Electronic Sports League), ESWC, Intel Extreme Masters, the Beta Cup, Dreamhack, PAX, Northcon, Assembly, FirstLook and many others to stay in touch with our fans and support the eSports community.

CoolerMaster is a leading case, power supply and cooling provider with recent additions of a mobile accessory line (phone, tablet, laptop) and a gaming gear line (case, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, audio, accessory). Established over two decades ago, CoolerMaster continues to invest in heavily into product development to maintain its position as an innovator and provider of cutting-edge technology. As a true global company it entertains over a dozen branch offices all over the world, to offer customers the best service in time and understand regional trends and demands. CoolerMaster's main HQ is located in Taipei, Taiwan, with regional HQs in California and the Netherlands.

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