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CoD: Ghosts DGL Premier Division Week One Schedule

The schedule for the first week of the Call of Duty: Ghosts (CoD: Ghosts) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg is up, with an exciting first week of play.

Both Energy eSports line-ups have tough matchups in their first games, with eN.Frost taking on iM`Ghosts and eN.Blaze taking on impi~eVe~ZA|Dragons, all of whom were in the Premier Division in the Black Ops 2 DGL 2013.

The game to watch this week will definitely be impi (Ghosts) vs VnR – Aequitas, as both teams have been fairly well-matched in the past, and both teams are sure to put on a display when they do battle on Sunday evening.

Here is the schedule for Week One:

Thursday, 6 February:

  • 8pm – eN.Blaze vs. impi~eVe~ZA|Dragons

Sunday, 9 February:

  • 8pm – iM’Ghosts vs. eN.Frost

  • 8pm – impi(Ghosts) vs. VnR – Aequitas

  • 9pm - -xG-eXe vs. bvd.COD: Ghosts

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