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Bravado Claim Ghosts ICC

Bravado Gaming defeated premier rivals Energy eSports to claim their first accolade of the 2014 campaign in the Ghosts Invitational Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition final.

The two teams met on Thursday, 27 February with bvd COD:Ghosts taking consecutive victories over their opponents, 13-8 and 13-9 on Warhawk and Overlord respectively.

“Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to prepare with a crucial member of our squad unavalible to play during the week," says Captain Wesley ‘Stain’ Neveling.

“We often struggle against early aggression but are not intimidated. Bravado is a team suited to play on-the-fly and we were always confident that we could be eN.Frost on the night.”

Bravado reached the final after a convincing 2 - 0 win over 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg Premier Division log leaders Team Immersion.

iM'Ghosts, who managed DGL victories over both eN outfits were a perfect test for the ICC winners who set their sights on the final following back-to-back 13-9 wins.

eN.Frost on the other hand, had to overcome their own when they eliminated eN.Blaze on Sunday, 23 February.

“Our strength is derived from individual players, regardless of efficient stratagies. A high level of teamwork coupled with great individual talent makes us capable of adjusting well to any situation. Frost’s form as of late has been impressive but ours even more so, especially now that we’ve won consecutive ICC.”

“The momentum of our first win back in November against Immersion carried us into the 2014 season and now having secured another cup win, confidence is at an all time high as we look to league competition,”
he finished.

However, It’s not over for Energy yet, with the MGO’s second tier team eN.Rival set to compete in a final of their own when they meet TMTN~Shadows [Teenage Mutant Turbo Ninja's] in the No-Pro tournament series later tonight.

eN.Frost will have a shot at revenge when the face Bravado in premier completion during matchweek six.

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