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aRcaDe | Osiris win CoD:GhostsInsta-Clash Cup

The Telkom Do Gaming League’s first Call of Duty: Ghosts (CoD:Ghosts) Insta-Clash Cup came to a close last month when aRcaDe | Osiris managed to overcome an all-star line-up from Team Immersion to become the first ever winners.

aRcaDe | Osiris are no strangers to the DGL, as it was the side that won the Telkom Do Gaming Championships in October under a different name, and were the favourites to win going into the CoD:GhostsInsta-Clash.

iM`Ghosts tried their best but were soon put to task by the strong aRcaDe | Osiris side, and managed to win only 6 rounds in total over both maps, with Osiris going 13 – 6 on Warhawk and 13 – 0 on Strikezone.

Registrations are open for the Summer Leg of the Telkom Do Gaming League 2014, which is now available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. To register, just follow the link below:

Telkom DGL CoD: Ghosts Portal

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