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CoD: Ghosts Insta-Clash Registrations Now Open

The registrations for the first Telkom Do Gaming Call of Duty (CoD): Ghosts Insta-Clash Cup are now open, as teams get their first look at what next year could be like for the competitive CoD scene.

There are 32 spots available in the CoD: Ghosts Insta-Clash, and the tournament will take a single elimination format. The matches will all be best-of-threes, with a best-of-five final, so there will be plenty of action to catch once the tournament gets underway.

Registrations are open until 1 December, so make sure to enter your team as quickly as possible before it’s too late. To check out the rules and regulations, just follow the link below:

CoD: Ghosts Rules and Regulations

If your team is ready and waiting, simply click on the link below to take you straight to the registration page:

CoD: Ghosts Insta-Clash Registration Page

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