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BF4 releases Day One MP Patch

Players hoping to get their hands on Battlefield 4 today in the United States are already facing an uphill battle as thousands flock to try and download the game as quickly as possible, and now face a 700MB update to Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

It is highly recommended to install the update as it contains multiple fixes for some of the larger errors cropping up during the launch.

The South African preload servers were online as of 1pm this afternoon, so local players can begin their 24 gig download at their own convenience.

For those that already have the game files in South Africa and are itching to play, there is an alternative available to get access to the game. All you have to do is connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the US and open your Origin, which should unlock your Battlefield 4 to play.

DICE have said that no one will be banned for doing this and there are already local servers up and running, so feel free to join the fray as soon as you can.

For those that want to go via the VPN route, a helpful guide has been made available on Reddit, just click on the link below:

Reddit VPN Guide

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