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BF4 Premium passes 1.6 Million Subscribers

EA announced during a financials call on Tuesday that over 1.6 million users have upgraded to the Battlefield 4 Premium package since the games release last November.

Comparatively, Battlefield 3’s Premium package only reached 1.3 million 11 months after its release in 2011, with that number increasing to 3.5 million by May of 2013.

The Battlefield 4 Premium package is an additional R500 ($49.99) on top of a game that costs R600 ($59.99), so is not cheap by any means. The Premium package does however give you early access to all future downloadable content (DLC) and map packs for the game, as well as invitations to exclusive events, such as “Double XP” weekends.

EA also confirmed during the call that next map pack will be coming soon, despite EA making DICE halt work on future DLC’s until BF4’s multiple game breaking errors have been fixed.

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