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BF4 “Naval Strike” Trailer Released

DICE has released a new trailer for its upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for Battlefield 4, Naval Strike, which focuses on water-based warfare.

The expansion is due later this month, and comes with four new multiplayer maps with a heavy focus on naval combat, as well as five new weapons, an amphibious hovercraft vehicle and the return of Carrier Assault mode.

Battlefield 4 Premium members should be able to access the DLC any day now, as they receive access to the DLC two weeks before it goes on general sale.

In a recent interview, BF4 lead game designer Gustav Halling seemed excited about the DLC:

“All that you’ve come to love with naval warfare in Battlefield 4 will be even more intense and fast-paced in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. Whether you’ll be taking insane shortcuts with your Hovercraft or securing a narrow win in Carrier Assault, it’s our ambition that you’ll truly enjoy the all-out war in the South China Sea.”

Check out the trailer below:

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