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BF4 Insta-Clash Watch eLement vs. xTcTonight

Our first round is ready to get underway today in the first ever Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Battlefield 4 (BF4) Insta-Clash Cup, and we will be able to catch some of the action as it happens thanks to the new BF4 spectator mode.

The first round of the BF4 Insta-Clash is an 8v8 Conquest round, with the option of using one of your eight players as a commander, and it will be interesting to note what route the teams take.

The game being casted tonight features one of the finalists from the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championships held last month, as eLement – Lithium^ get set to take on /xTc/Black Legion at 8pm this evening, 20 November.

/xTc/Black Legion was also at our Do Gaming Championships although under a slightly different name, and has familiar faces in the Battlefield scene, so will likely put up a good fight in tonight’s game, making well worth the time to tune in.

The game is being casted by none other than “Hustler” and “newguy” from the, and are sure to provide a professional experience as they take us through the action. To watch the game, just click on the link below:


To check out the stage for the BF4 Insta-Clash, just follow the link:

Telkom Do Gaming BF4 Insta-Clash

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