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BF4 DGL Insta – Clash Registrations Now Open!

The registrations for the Telkom Do Gaming League Battlefield 4 (BF4)Insta – Clash Cup are now open, as South Africa prepares itself for the first ever local BF4 tournament.

Although the Insta – Clash Cup is just a friendly tournament with no prizes, this is an excellent chance for any up and coming team to gage how they might fare in the BF4 Telkom Do Gaming League next year, and could gain valuable experience on the way.

The tournament is taking on a mixed format through the rounds which is definitely exciting to see, as BF4 offers a variety of competitive modes, from five vs. five infantry battles to eight vs. eight conquest with commander.

Here is the current format for the BF4 Insta – Clash:

Round 1:

8v8 (commander included in the 8) (conquest)

Round 2-

5v5 ESL rules (domination)

Round 3 Finals:

8v8 no commander (conquest)

Round 3 Third place:

Obliteration 8v8 with 9th player as commander

*stages are subject to change

Teams will have to master all aspects of the game to become champions at BF4, and with the new spectator mode, will make for entertaining spectacles to watch as well.

Players are asked to keep an eye on the thread, as the details for the cup are not final as of yet, and may still change along the way. The thread can be found here:

BF4 Insta – Clash Forum Post

The rules and regulations are also available to view, so make sure to check over them in case something has been overlooked, and feel free to make a post about it as well. To find the Rules and Regulations, just click on the link:

BF4 Insta – Clash Rules and Regulations

The sooner the spots fill for the BF4 Insta – Clash the sooner it may start, so make sure to get your team’s entry in before it’s too late. Just follow the link to get yourself to the entry page:

BF4 Insta – Clash Registrations

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