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BF4 China Rising Now Available to Premium Members

It seems that the instability of Battlefield 4 is not going to stop DICE from releasing their planned downloadable content (DLC), China Rising, even though the initial client is still plagued with game-breaking errors.

China Rising is the first of at least six planned DLC’s for Battlefield 4, and was offered as bonus content to anyone who pre-ordered the game. Battlefield 4 Premium members, as a bonus to their Premium membership, already have access to China Rising, although it seems to come with its own host of errors as well.

EA is already working on addressing the problems affecting the gameplay of China Rising, and has asked for the communities help in finding as many problems as possible:

"While exploring new battlegrounds in the Battlefield 4 expansion, China Rising, you may run into an occasional hiccup, issue, glitch, or problem that could interrupt or prohibit your gameplay.”

Users are asked to make sure they have downloaded the update that was released yesterday as well as the China Rising pack, which are two separate downloads, “"After downloading your game update, make sure you've downloaded and installed China Rising by heading to the in-game store on console, while PC players simply need to jump into their Origin client, click on Battlefield 4, then the gray "i" information icon, select the China Rising tile and click download”

For users who have successfully managed to install China Rising but are getting continually kicked from a server, patience is required, as you will have to wait on DICE to patch in a fix.

Xbox 360 users are even further behind, as it seems they currently can’t connect to any China Rising servers. EA have stated they are “investigating the issue and will provide updates as quickly as possible.”

Battlefield: China Rising will be available from 17 December. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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