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Battlefield 3 Premier Division Set for Next Generation

There was some debate as to the whether we would see the Premier Division teams from Battlefield 3 return to the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL)for Battlefield 4 thanks to the game’s shaky launch, but it seems almost all of the teams from 2013 have returned for a new year and a new game.

Battlefield 4 registrations picked up heavily over the last weekend, with registrations sitting at 53 teams for the 8v8 and 29 teams for the 5v5 leagues.

The Telkom DGLPremier Division teams from last the Battlefield 3 League were:

  • bvd.BF3
  • [NSD]Sons of Liberty
  • eLement - Lithium
  • BzK - Furia
  • [TE]Infamous
  • [SSG] Umshiniwam
  • RFH Black Legion
  • =iK=Syntax

Although some team names have changed and there have been roster changes, almost all the teams have returned for the 2014 Summer Leg. Here are the new names:

  • bvd.Battlefield 4
  • [NSD]Retribution
  • DC.eLement
  • BzK-Furia
  • [TE]Infamous
  • [SSG]Panda Bandits
  • xTc.Black Legion

Ikonic Gaming seems to be the only team not returning for the Battlefield 4 League, but there are plenty of other competitors in the mix to take their place, with MGO’s like Super Serial Gamers and Damage Control both fielding two teams in the League.

Registrations for the Telkom Do Gaming League Summer Leg close 26 January, so make sure to enter your team by following the link below:

Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 Registrations

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