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Already Downloaded BF4? Come and Play!

For those of you who have already pre – loaded your Battlefield 4 in anticipation of the South African release on Friday, the day seems almost too far away. Luckily, thanks to some simple internet wizardry, you can join the South African servers that are ready and waiting for fans to join.

For those of you that are worried about the Ban – Hammer from Dice or EA, they have already stated through official means that players will not be banned for using this trick to gain access to the game. Here are the steps to get to your Battlefield 4:

Step One:

Pre – Load your Battlefield 4.

Step Two:

Once your Battlefield 4 is fully downloaded and up to date, close your Origin completely. Get access to a free US Virtual Private Network (VPN). A simple Google search for me lead me to which worked perfectly for me, but there are plenty of alternatives.

Step Three:

If you decide to use the above link, simply go to your network wizard and set up a network and click the “connect to a workplace” option. From there it is pretty straight forward, just put in the details provided on the website and you should connect.

Step Four:

Once connected to the VPN, log back in to your Origin. The game will not be shadowed out anymore and you will be able to open Battlelog. To skip out on a possible error, start loading in to a server on the VPN if you are able.

Step Five:

Disconnect from the VPN. This tricks your origin (which will immediately re – establish a connection) to reconnect with your connection but still keep the game available.

Step Six:

Enjoy! (aka: receive bacon)

There were already about 16 of us taking part in the FPS glory, so come and join in the fun as soon as you can!

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