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xTc.Black Legion Secure Premier Win

The final week of the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg is upon us, and for the first time recent history we may see another side besides Bravado Gaming on top of the leader board by the end of the Leg.

xTc.Black Legion (formerly RFH Black Legion in Battlefield 3) has slowly but surely been putting all the Premier Division teams by the wayside, with their only loss during the Summer Leg given to them by bvd.Battlefield 4 in the opening week of the season.

Since then the Black Legion side has been securing win after win, so much so that they have now reached the point that they cannot lose their First Place position before the end of the Summer Leg, so long as they take part in their final match.

This is not the only area of Battlefield 4 that the xTc side has recent success, as some of the member also joined up to make the 5v5 side xTc.Who?, who managed to win the recent Valentine’s Edition 5v5 Domination Insta-Clash Cup.

With Black Legion securely in First Place all eyes now turn to positions two to five in the Premier Division, as they are all within three points of each other and all capable of making it to the podium depending on the results for the final week.

The pressure is now on bvd.Battlefield 4, [dM]Ex0dus, BzK-Furia and [NSD]Retribution to pull out those clutch wins in the final moments of the Summer Leg, so be sure to keep up with the action as it is going to be an exciting week.

MSI are sponsors of the BF4 8v8 Telkom DGL 2014.

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