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Southern Barbarians Win ESL Nations Cup

The Southern Barbarians, comprising of some of the top players from the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Premier Division, managed to take down the tough side from Finland to win the grand final of the ESL 8v8 Conquest Nations Cup.

The best-of-five took place on early last Sunday evening, and was going to be a tough match for the local side. The Finnish team is widely regarded as one of the best infantry sides in the world, with three of their players playing for Team Dignitas, a well-respected international Battlefield side.

The Southern Barbarians comprised of quite a few players from different teams, but happened to be the Bravado Gaming line-up for the final, due to scheduling issues and other unforeseen conflicts. The decision is an understandable one, as the Southern Barbarians wanted to put up their strongest team for the final, and not have to play with unrehearsed members due to last minute roster changes.

Telkom Do Gaming caught up with the captain and vice-captain of the Southern Barbarians, Barry “Anthrax” Louzada and Sean “ScopeR” McCalgan to talk about their win:

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): How were you feeling once you found out you would be facing Finland in the final?

Barry “Anthrax” Louzada:
Finland was Finland I suppose. We beat them at the beginning of the competition and we felt we would beat them again, depending on the map obviously.

Barry "Anthrax" Louzada

DG: What map did you not really want to face the Finnish team on, any particular reason why?

Any of the infantry maps considering their team comprises of some of the best infantry players in the world.

DG: A best of five can be a gruelling mental task for teams, especially if the matches are close. What was your mindset going into the final?

Sean “Scoper” McCalgan:
We were up 1-0 coming from the Winner’s Bracket, so that naturally helped only needing to win two additional maps. We felt we had adequate strategies on the first three maps to take the win without going to the fourth, but it is slightly different to DGL rules in that jets are still used, so we had to make some adaptations. After winning the first map, we were confident of closing it out.

DG: I see the Finnish did manage to take a map off of you. How did that come about?

The map we lost was Hainan. Their jet pilot played quite a big role in shutting down our helicopter and at times the APC too, which allowed them free movement across the map. They were also more effective at flag wipes and quick to respond to our rotations.

Sean "ScopeR" McCalgan.

DG: Now that the ESL Nations Cup is over, what is going to become of the Southern Barbarians? Are there more tournaments coming out of the side in the near future, or is it being put to rest?

There are no upcoming tournaments, so I don’t think anything will become of the Southern Barbarians for now. I think the success of the team will ensure better preparation for future international competitions as well as better buy in from the community.

DG: Were there any standout moments from this tournament that you will take away with you playing as the Southern Barbarians?

In terms of the overall competition, getting to play against some of the European legends of the series and proving that SA teams can stand up to them. In terms of the final against Finland, it was a great feeling coming back from losing the first round of the last map by 217 tickets (Dawnbreaker) to secure the map win; everything just went right in the second round.

The Southern Barbarians have put South Africa firmly on the international Battlefield scene thanks to an unbeaten run in their ESL Nations Cup, and are to be congratulated on their incredible victory against some of the best players in the world.

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