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Southern Barbarians Into ESL WB-Final

Even though the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg has been going for almost two months so far this year, 25 of the top local BF4 players from various Premier Division teams formed together to create the “Southern Barbarians”, and entered into the ESL BF4 Conquest Country Championship.

It has long been thought that the quality of the local Battlefield 4 teams could rival the quality of some of the top international leagues and the Southern Barbarians have done well to highlight that point in this tournament so far.

The team had a confident start to the tournament by going undefeated in the group stages, taking down Finland, Canada and Poland to get themselves a number one seed in their group against teams and players that are considered to be powerhouses in the industry.

Moving through as number one seed going into the elimination stages did them well, as they defeated Poland once against to advance themselves into the semi-final.

Last week Thursday saw the Southern Barbarians play their semi-final match against the United Kingdom, with the local boys once against putting on a class display to get themselves into the Winners-Bracket final.

They now await the winner of the other semi final between Team Germany and Team Sweden.BF4, which is set to take place tomorrow evening.

Sean “Scoper” McCalgan has been streaming his perspective for almost all the matches, and multiple matches were casted by various international casters. To see McCalgan’s POV just head over to his stream here, and to see the casts head over the Southern Barbarian’s Facebook page and find all the information there.

Telkom Do Gaming wishes the best of luck to the Southern Barbarians as they look to bring the trophy home in the final stretch of the tournament.

Image courtesy of ESL.

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