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RpSRelapse Claim BF4 Domination ICC

The Battlefield 4 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Valentine’s Edition 5v5 Domination Insta-Clash Cup came to an exciting close last weekend as RpSRelapse took down eS~SnowflakePretzel to claim the first BF4 ICC of 2014.

The match took place on Saturday evening and saw both teams putting in good performances, with RpSRelapse managing to overpower the eternal~Synthesis side.

The rounds went down as follows:

Langcang Dam:

  • RpS 143-0 eS
  • RpS 14-0 eS

Zavod 311:

  • RpS 113-0 eS
  • RpS 95-0 eS

Do Gaming managed to get a few words in with Darren “MeyR” Meyer, captain of RpSRelapse, to talk about the team’s victory:

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): Tell us about you and your team. How did RpSRelapse come to be?

Meyer: At first Sheraaz “Zaarehs” Nunnuam and myself were looking at doing it for fun, so we started asking some core 8v8 players if they would be keen to play a 5v5 competition. And that's how RELAPSE was born (the name was going to be Boner Boys).

DG: You had some tough matches during the Valentine's Edition ICC, including an intense 2 -1 victory over LvGNecrome. What did your team do to prepare for each match?

Meyer: Our first game was a forfeit and then LvG was our hardest game in the 5v5. We just joined a server and we winged it and by “doing”, so we learnt a lot from each game.

DG: How was your team feeling as you entered the finals against eS~SnowflakePretzel? Were you confident that you were going to win?

Meyer: We were a little nervous at first due to a 8v8 friendly against eS a few weeks back. But after the first map we took the win, and then we gained more confidence further into the game.

DG: Tell us briefly how the rounds went down.

Meyer: Lancang Dam – At the start we were playing slow and more defensive and then when we lost our momentum, we started rotating more on the flags and taking every gap for an opportunity and used the building's tinted windows to our advantage. And then we played more aggressive by taking all the flags which lead to a heavy bleed.

Zavod 311 – We also started playing defensive by keeping two out of the three Flags by keeping them off the flags and maintaining the bleed. But then in the second round straight off the bat we started playing more aggressive, to get into the same potion as we did in the first round on Zavod. Later on in the game we started to rotate more keeping eS on their feet. Making them work for a flag, at the end this worked out well for us and leading us in winning the game.

DG: Could we see RpS Relapse entering the Winter Leg for the 5v5 Battlefield League? What are your future plans for the team?

Meyer: In the beginning we started playing this for laughs and gags. And at the end of the ICC Valentines Edition we decided to not carry on with the 5v5, but then later on we had a discussion and decided that we could use the 5v5 to better our infantry team. This is how the xTc Who? 5v5 was forged which will lead us into the 5v5 Battlefield 4 Winter Leg!

Meyer ended by thanking the Do Gaming League for the opportunity, and hopes to see more Insta-Clash Cups in the future.

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