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LevelBF to Cast BF4 8v8 Premier Division

Telkom Do Gaming is extremely excited to announce that LevelBF, one of the world renowned Battlefield casting studios, will be coming on to cast the Battlefield 4 (BF4) 8v8 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg.

Do Gaming managed to catch up with Lars Christian “HusTleR” Frantzen, co-founder of LevelBF, to talk about the announcement:

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): The Telkom Do Gaming League is extremely excited to announce LevelBF coming on as casters for the BF4 Premier Division. Tell us a bit about yourself and the organisation:

Hello, my name is Lars Christian Frantzen, aka “HusTleR”, I am a 25 year old Battlefield veteran and enthusiast. I am a co-founder of Level Gaming, also known as LevelBF, and am currently one of the managers handling the Battlefield eSports aspect of our organization.

My journey with the Battlefield series started with Battlefield 1942. Since then I have been hooked on the Battlefield experience, and have played all the titles upto and including Battlefield 4. During my Battlefield journey I started playing competitive and found that I felt most drawn to the vehicle aspect of the game. I have played 5v5 in the past, but 8v8 conquest is where my heart is and always will be.

LevelBF was established on 12 October 2012, by a group of friends that wanted to create a community that organised fun, semi-competitive 32vs32 Battlefield matches where gamers could meet new friends and get a true Battlefield experience.

LevelBF has been casting competitive Battlefield since BF3, and we take pride in saying that we were the only organization to bring back casting to Battlefield since BF2 with a custom spectator tool we developed for BF3.

The organization has evolved greatly from the initial launch.We do various activities now from casting and hosting competitive and casual events on multiple platforms, connecting gamers from around the world.

LevelBF has a huge passion for further developing Battlefield eSports and a strong desire to grow beyond regions, languages, and gaming platforms.

DG: How did you become aware of the South African Battlefield scene?

I feel confident saying that, 2 years ago, no one knew about the South African scene in Europe.However, back in the BF3 ClanBase Nations cup when I was playing for the Danish National team, my eyes were opened, and I was very impressed with the skill level that the South African players brought to the table. I was astonished that nobody knew of the community and the great work DGL have been doing for the South African Battlefield players.

Times are changing, and I think it´s so nice that competition can bring people from all corners of the world together. I am so grateful to be a part of it.

DG: How did the decision to start casting the local Battlefield scene come about?

Simply put, we at LevelBF think the Telkom DGL and its players deserve more exposure and recognition than what the community is getting currently. We would very much like to build the bridge between the South African community and the rest of the international competitive scene.

Our goal with casting the BF4 Telkom DGL Winter Leg Premier Divisionis not only to spread awareness of the South African scene, but to also make it as entertaining as possible. From the“average Joe” looking for the next entertaining stream, to the Battlefield player wanting to learn from the best, we want to showcase the best that South Africa has to offer to the world.

LevelBF are a renowned international Battlefield casting studio.

What is LevelBF planning on bringing to the BF4 Premier Division? What can we expect from you guys?

Some great mixtures of casting styles supported by our own developed Casting Tool.This tool will enable us to show the highlights of the matches with our own Replay system, so the viewer can relive the epic “only in Battlefield” moments all over again!

It will also enable the viewers to use Twitter to vote for their favourite teams, and the results will be displayed LIVE on the stream.

We have some more aces up our sleeves, but we wouldn't to spoil it all on the first date right?

DG:LevelBF is a big organisation with a vast array of casters. Who can we expect to see casting the Premier Division for the BF4 Winter Leg?

We have a great mixtures of casters in our line up that will be casting. For example,“Snookfingers” is an up and coming caster with a flair for strategy and fun remarks, while “IBeluckyyy”, a competitive Heli pilot, is going into casting with his bird’s eye view.

Next is “Daskro”, known for his analytic and entertaining YouTube videos about Battlefield as well as his great casts for LevelBF. Then we have “Brettfx” and “Chadman” both established casters for competitive Battlefield and other games.LevelBf has in the past worked with Ph4tso who as you know is one of your top South African shout casters. It just seems natural to invite him to work with us as he cut his teeth with Daskro casting BF3 games.

Last but not least, I,“HusTleR”, will be there to bring you the action live. I am really confident that our line up will provide you with exciting and awesome matches to watch.

DG: Where can we find out about LevelBF and upcoming casts?

Our website,,showcases information about all big events.

If Facebook updates are more to your liking, you can check out our Facebook page at

Our Twitter accounts will always send out a Tweet for each cast, so be sure to follow these accounts for the latest updates:

Follow these Twitter accounts for the latest updates!

Last but most important of them all is our channel:

Hit follow and be updated anytime we go LIVE!

DG: It says on your Twitter that you are the BF4 coach for ApG? How did this happen?

It all started in the beginning of Battlefield 4, where LevelBF was casting a showmatch between xTc and ApG.After the cast, I got together with the teams, talked about the match, and had some laughs.This was the first real meet and greet I had with ApG. Some days later I met up with the leader of ApG,Theuns“Alpha-Renji”Louw, and we pretty much hit it off from the start.

Later when I was introduced to the rest of the team, it was pretty much love at first sight.
Seeing the potential in the team, I think ApG will go far, but it’s a long way to the Telkom Do Gaming Championships and all of the teams in Premier are looking very strong at this point.

I have always wanted to coach a team, and since I have retired myself from competitive play, I felt it would be a great opportunity to pass on my competitive knowledge and views on gameplay. Coaching is a challenge, because the synergy between the coach input and the team’s execution of that information don't always match up, and requires constant work from both parties to improve the overall performance of the team and coach.

DG: Any final shoutouts?

I would like to start by giving some big shout outs to Trinity Games, ASTRO Gaming, ElgatoGaming,Origin, EA, and DICE for helping us out with our events.

Next in line, I would like to give props to Johnny “Ph4tso” Romanos, Jono “s3xy_j0nny” Wickwar, and Sean “Scoper” McCalgan for delivering some awesome ZA competitive footage.Together, I hope we can collectively spread some awareness about the South African scene.

The finale person I want to credit is Miles"Bad Robot"Regenass none of this would have been possible without his knowledge on the community and guidance, thank you for being our ZA connection.

Last but not least, I would like to thank DGL for granting us this great opportunity to be able to cast their Battlefield events.

If anyone wants to help out and join the LevelBF staff please contact me; help is always needed and appreciated.

MSi are sponsors of the BF4 Telkom DGL 2014.

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