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Do Gaming Interviews Alastair “Lag Beast” Bouman

Telkom Do Gaming managed to catch up with Alastair “Lag_Beast” Bouman to talk about Damage Control and its recent announcements, as they have recently merged with eLementGaming as well as taking on oBi.Dota 2 as one of its Dota 2 sides.

Telkom Do Gaming(DG): There have been quite a few changes to Damage Control recently – tell us what have you been up to?

Bouman: Well Riaan “Style” Van Niekerk and I had been discussing expanding DC for quite some time into a larger clan by adopting some of the teams in various leagues, we debated it for ages and towards the end of the year Daniel "Gandalf" Van Flymen had some time to dedicate to making Damage Control more visible by creating our website it was this catalyst that got the major snow ball rolling after that we started to pave the way for other teams to jump on board with an already established name in the eSports scene.

DG: What was the inspiration for the new website? What can we expect to see on it?

Bouman: Well that is Van Flymen’s baby but he recently started playing around with Wordpress and being a graphic designer he decided he would take a shot at making us a newer more improved site to use. The plan is to publish articles on everything eSports and gaming related as well as giving exposure to casters and the people who work so hard to improve the competitive scene in South Africa.

DG: How did the merger with eLementGaming come about?

Bouman: This was the brain child of Van Flymen’s too, him being friends with Joel "Jokerbb" Perdigao had discussed using one another to further each other’s goals and ambitions not only on the eSports front but on the sponsor front as well. After discussing the details over with eLement we decided it was in both our interests to merge under the DC banner so that we stand a better chance of having podium placements in many different premier games.

Alastair "Lag_Beast" Bouman at Telkom Do Gaming Championships 2013.

DG: You also acquired oBi as one of your Dota teams – can we expect big things from them this year?

Bouman: Yes after watching “oBi” play at the Do Gaming Championships 2013 I suggested them to Style, while they are not in premier league yet I do believe they have what it takes to get there and be extremely competitive with the current premier teams. I definitely think that we will see them do really well this year so keep your eyes on them ;)

DG: What does Damage Control want to accomplish in the Telkom Do Gaming League 2014?

Bouman: We are hoping that this year will see Damage Control place top three in the following games : League of Legends, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Battlefield 4 as well as Dota2. On top of that we are hoping to get more exposure for the casters who are casting these games to try grow the community and generate more interest in South African eSports.

DG: Can we expect any more announcements and/or plans in the near future?

Bouman: Well we have a few things in the pipeline but it’s going to take some time, i must confess i would like to keep these things quiet until they are further a long but you can expect some pretty awesome things to come from the Damage Control franchise

DG: Any final shoutouts?

Bouman: Just some shoutouts to the DC gents for the supporting of my idea's and the vision we share for our team. Shoutout to all the casters who put in time to do what they do! Finally to all my friends who have supported me, especially my fiancé who keeps pushing me to do what I love. Hope 2014 is a brilliant year for all.

You can check out Damage Control's Website at

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