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Crucial Match for [NSD]Retribution

This week is a crucial one for the Premier Division of the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg, as some deciding matches could easily sway who finishes on top of the podium at the end of the Leg in two weeks’ time.

xTc.Black Legion currently lead the Division with 21 points, four ahead of both [NSD]Retribution, bvd Battlefield 4 and [dM]Ex0dus. Out of the top four teams bvd.Battlefield 4 has the hardest road to the finish line if they want to end in pole position, as they are the only team of the four that has two losses so far this Leg.

This situation puts all the pressure on [NSD]Retribution, as their final two opponents in the Summer Leg are none other than xTc.Black Legion and [dM]Ex0dus. If the Never Say Die squad were to win both of these matches, they put themselves on top of the leaderboard as the only team with just one loss over the course of the Leg.

The first crucial match is against xtC.Black Legion, and is scheduled to take place at 8pm on Sunday 23 March. Telkom Do Gaming spoke to Chad “Mooclear” Evans, one of the players in [NSD]Retribution and community manager for Never Say Die, to find out how the team was feeling.

“xTc is going to be a very tough match for us, but we're trying not to put ourselves under pressure as we have in the past”, said Evans.“We're more focussed on addressing each match individually, rather than worrying about positions on the scoreboard. We have a few things we still need to work on, but team morale is high and we're putting in the work where it’s needed.”

Both teams have stated that the game will be cast though no caster has been confirmed, so make sure you keep watching Telkom Do Gaming for the final details.

MSI are sponsors of the BF4 Telkom DGL 2014.

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