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Bvd.Battlefield4 Win First BF4 Insta-Clash Cup

The first Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Battlefield 4 (BF4) Insta-Clash Cup came to a close yesterday when ApG.Apollo met Battlefield 3 DGC champion’s bvd.Battlefield 4 in the first ever local tournament for DICE’s next generation first person shooter.

The final took an 8v8 format without the option of commander, so everyone was forced to be on the battlefield for the duration of the event. ApG. Apollo was looking good to take it to the Bravado side, but Bravado ultimately used their mobility and vehicles to maintain control of the map.

The scrappy style of play still made for some entertaining Battlefield, and casters from the LevelBF team were there to bring us the action. To watch the replay, just click on the link below:

LevelBF – Aperture vs Bravado

The second BF4 Insta-Clash Cup comes to a close on Sunday evening when –BFC—Sisera- take on -BFC-PubHeroes in the second Cup’s final.

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