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-BFC-PubHeroes Win BF4 Insta-Clash #2

The second Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Battlefield 4 (BF4) Insta-Clash came to a close yesterday evening when the two Battlefield Community teams, PubHeroes and Sisera, met in the grand final, with –BFC-PubHeroes managing to overcome their brother side to take the win.

The final took a best-of-five 5v5 defuse format, so both teams had to put forward their best infantry side, and the rounds went down as follows:

Map One – Lancang Dam:

–BFC—sI- Sisera 4- 2 -BFC-PubHeroes

Map Two – Operation Locker:

–BFC—sI- Sisera 1 - 5 -BFC-PubHeroes

Map Three – Seige of Shanghai:

–BFC—sI- Sisera 3 - 3 -BFC-PubHeroes

Map Four – Seige of Shanghai:

–BFC—sI- Sisera 2 - 4 -BFC-PubHeroes

The third and fourth place for the Insta-Clash #2 between DoC Chimera and eLement Carbon, which will be a full 8v8 conquest without commander, will take place within the next few days.

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