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BF4 Rush Cup Ready to Roll

The Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Rush Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) is ready to roll as teams prepare themselves for two weeks of intense action.

13 teams have decided to enter the fray for the Rush Cup, and will have to play the Rush mode as indicated in the cups title. Rush is almost never used as a competitive platform so teams will have to make up their own strategies if they want to do well in the tournament.

The Rush Cup takes on a single elimination format, giving teams just one life to do the best that they can. There are also some additional restrictions with regards to perks,unlocks and weapon restrictions. Players are now allowed to use:

  • Spawn Beacon
  • IRNV/Thermal Vision (Infantry&Vehicles)
  • Airburst (HE)
  • M26
  • Soflam (Infantry&Vehicles)
  • V40 Mini Nade
  • Shotguns (m26,normal)
  • Battle Pickups
  • PLD (Portable Laser Designato
  • Tank staff shell
  • M2 slam
  • ALL DLC weapons/gadgets
  • M15 AT MINE
  • M224 MORTAR
  • M320 (all forms)

To find the matches for the BF4 Rush Cup, simply follow the link below:

BF4 Rush Cup

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