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BF4 Premier Week Four Set for Sunday

Week Four of the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg marks the halfway point in the opening Leg of the season and no definitive leader has yet to jump ahead in the competition.

Only two of our Premier Division teams have yet to take losses this week, [dM]Ex0dus who currently reside in pole position, and [NSD]Retribution, a team that is quietly racking up the wins and sitting in a comfortable fourth position.

That comfort may not last for long however, as the Never Say Die squad has to face down bvd.Battlefield 4 in their Week Four match. The competitive history between the two sides always makes for an exciting spectacle, so make sure to watch the game if you get the opportunity.

DC.eLement and [TE]Infamous have both had rough starts to their Summer Leg runs as neither team has yet to get a win in the bag. That will have to change this week however, as the two teams meet head to head in their Week Four match.

All the matches this week are once against scheduled for Sunday evening, which seems to be prime time for the Battlefield 4 Premier Division. Check out the schedule below:

Sunday, 2 March:

  • 8pm - [dM]Ex0dus vs. puLse.Evolve
  • 8pm –BzK-Furia vs. DC.eternaL
  • bvd.Battlefield 4 vs. [NSD]Retribution
  • 8pm – [TE]Infamous vs. DC.eLement

MSI are sponsors of the BF4 Telkom Do Gaming League 2014.

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