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BF4 Insta-Clash - Let the Games Begin!

The Battlefield 4 Domination Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition is ready to get underway this week as teams get ready to show they share their love.

Eight teams have entered the fray for the Insta-Clash Cup, which utilises the 5v5 Domination mode. The tournament is a single elimination event, with each match being a best-of-three.

The tournament is fast –paced and filled with action with teams having to play one match every two days, so make sure to keep up with the pace of the competition.

For those that find themselves a player or two short for a specific match do not fear, as subs are allowed so long as they are not in any of the other teams taking place in the Cup.

To see who is playing who, simply follow the link below:

BF4 Domination Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition

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