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BF4 DGL Premier Week Two Schedule

The teams in Premier Division for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg have been vigilant in organising their matches so far in the competition, and the week two schedule has revealed itself for the coming week.

Week Two is a big one in the Summer Leg, as there are multiple important matches taking place. [dM]Ex0dus has already had an excellent start to the Leg after taking down DC.eLement last week, but face the toughest challenge yet this week when they take on Bravado Gaming’s BF4 side on Sunday evening.

The two Damage Control teams are throwing their camaraderie out the window temporarily as they take each other on in Week Two, and is sure to be an action packed affair.

This week could well be a deciding one in the Summer Leg, and local casters should be on hand to bring us as much of the action as possible.

Here is the Week Two Schedule:

Sunday, 16 February:

  • 8pm – BzK-Furia vs. xTc.Black Legion

  • 8pm – bvd.Battlefield 4 vs. [dM]Ex0dus

  • 8pm – DC.eLement vs. DC. eternaL

  • 8pm – [TE]Infamous vs. [NSD]Retribution

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