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BF4 8v8 Premier into Final Week

The Premier Division Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg has entered its final week, with teams now fighting for those final few points before the Winter Leg comes to a close.

Even though [ DC ] eLement managed to give pulse.Evolve their first loss of the Winter Leg last weekend, the Pulse Gaming side still looks primed to win the Winter Leg with a 7 – 0 – 1 tally with just one game left against [NSD]Retribution.

The fight for the remaining podium positions is between xTc.Black Legion and bvd Battlefield 4, who are currently tied with a 6 – 0 – 2 tally. Both teams will be looking to get their final wins for the Winter Leg against [dM]Ex0dus and BzK-Furia respectively, although the matches are sure to be far from a walkover.

Even if BzK-Furia manage to take the win this week, it seems that they will be joining [NSD]Retribution, [SSG] Panda Bandits and [SSG]Maersk to fight for their lives in the Winter Leg Playoffs, as the rest of the Premier Division is far enough ahead in points to secure their safety.

To check out the latest results and updates for Premier Division of the BF4 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg, simply follow the link below:

BF4 8v8 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Division

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