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BF4 8v8 DGL Winter Leg Gets Underway

The Battlefield 4 (BF4) 8v8 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg prepares to get underway later on today, with the groups finalised and all teams ready to rumble.

Thanks to the Summer Playoffs we have three new teams joining the Premier Division for the Winter Leg, being [SSG]Maersk, [SSG] Panda Bandits and ApG.Apollo. [ DC ] eLement had a successful playoff run as well to take the final Premier Division spot in the playoffs and keep their seeding in the Premier Division for the Winter Leg.

The Premier Division looks as follows:

The First Division is made up of the teams that did not make it through the Summer Playoffs as well as the third and fourth place finishers from the Open Division groups from the Summer Leg. The groups are:

The remaining 19 teams have been put split into two groups, and will form the Open Division for the Winter Leg.

There will be two transfer windows during the Winter Leg, one in Week Three (2 – 8 June) and Week Six (23-29 June), which is the only time teams in Premier and First Division will be able to change their rosters. As of the 2014 Winter Leg, Open Divisions will no longer be team locked, so teams will be able to change their rosters whenever they please if they find certain players to be unreliable.

There has also been a slight change in the weekly format, as weeks will now be from Monday to Sunday, and not Tuesday to Monday as it has been in previous Legs. Teams are asked to be proactive in organising their matches to make the Leg run as smoothly as possible.

MSi are sponsors of the BF4 Telkom DGL 2014.

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