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Bf4 5V5 Winter Leg Playoffs Detailed

The details surrounding the Battlefield 4 (BF4) 5v5 Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs have been revealed, so we can take a look at who will be fighting for those Premier Division spots that are up for grabs.

There are nine teams in total that have joined the Winter Leg Playoffs: three from the bottom of Premier Division from the Winter Leg, and six teams from the Open Division (the top three teams from each group from the Winter Leg).

These teams have been grouped up into one large group, and will have to face every team in the group over the coming weeks. Here is the Winter Playoff group:

The Playoffs, although still important, is not critical for these teams, as all teams involved in the Winter Leg Playoffs have already guaranteed their spot at the Telkom DGL Online Championships later this year, as the top 16 teams will be taking part in that clash later this year.

The Winter Leg starts today, with all the matches expected to be played before the playoffs close on 24 August. Teams are asked to be vigilant in organising their matches, so that no unneeded clashes occur towards the end of the Playoffs.

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