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BF4 5v5 Summer Leg Provisional Results

The Battlefield 4 (BF4) 5v5 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg ended earlier this month, with 24 teams making it to the end of the first leg of the year.

The teams now look towards the Winter Leg, as no Summer Playoff matches were needed to be played. Players who achieved the top two positions in their respective Groups during the Summer Leg will be placed into Premier Division for the Winter Leg, while their third and fourth place finishers in the groups will make up the First Division.

This gives us some insight as to who we can expect to see in the various divisions of the BF4 5v5 Winter Leg. The BF5 5v5 League was originally in the Defuse mode, but was changed shortly into the Summer Leg due to the inherent bugs in the mode.

This allowed for some late registrations since the mode was officially changed to Domination, as well as some new teams formed for the various Battlefield 4 Insta-Clash Cups. This already bring hope for even larger registrations for the Winter Leg, as there seems to be growing interest in the smaller Battlefield mode.

Here are the provisional groups (please note, this is my own speculation and not confirmed):

Premier Division:

  • [dM].domination
  • [NSD]AFK
  • 225_BF4
  • KoDDaRkNeSs
  • ApG.Blitzkrieg
  • P_BF4 GEUY
  • ETG Psychedelics
  • [CCG] | Zero
  • eS~SnowflakePretzel

First Division:
  • [DvG]Divine
  • {RpG} Not_In_The_Face
  • =DAC= 5CupCakes
  • [vVv]-I.E.D-
  • G\Z/G BF4
  • nAz_Horrorrhea
  • [HRO]Team Incryptic

There are a few complications that may see a couple of names changed before the results are finalised, one being Group E (aka the latecomers) winners DC-BF4 5v5, who retired shortly after the end of the Summer Leg.

The Winter Leg Registrations are already open for the BF4 5v5 Telkom DGL Winter Leg with some Premier Division material already signed up. Although xTc.Who? were not part of the Summer Leg, they have made the finals in both of the 5v5 BF4 Insta-Clash Cups that took place during the course of the Leg and won one of those finals, making them victors of the BF4 Valentine’s Edition Insta-Clash Cup.

Registrations for the Winter Leg are open until 11 May, so make sure to get your team entered before it’s too late by following the link below:

BF4 Telkom DGL 5v5 Winter Leg Registrations

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