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Battlefield 4 DGL Registrations Close Strong

The registrations for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg are officially closed, with 88 teams entered between the two modes on offer this year.

Teams were given the choice of the classic Battlefield 8v8 Conquest, or for the first time this year in the DGL a 5v5 Infantry based mode, Defuse, which DICE has said is its official competitive mode for BF4.

It seems that South African’s leaned towards the classic 8v8 Conquest, with 53 teams registered for the Summer Leg. Although Defuse is a new mode to the game it seems there are definitely teams interested in the mode, with a respectable 31 teams entered into the 5v5 Infantry League.

If you include the player count for both the 5v5 and the 8v8 league this year for the DGL Summer Leg the total player count for the BF4 Summer Leg almost tops 700 players, which is almost double from the Summer Leg last year.

Seeding and groups will be taking place over the course of the week, so players will soon find out who they will be up against DGL Summer Leg. While you wait, players are reminded to familiarise themselves with the rule sets, as they may not be the same as the past.

To get to the rule sets for the BF4 DGL, simply follow the links below:

BF4 DGL 8v8 Conquest Rules and Regulations

BF4 DGL 5v5 Defuse Rules and Regulations

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