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Andre “ClwN” Wills on DC Merger

After the recent announcement from Alastair “Lag_Beast” Bouman that eLement Gaming will henceforth be joining Damage Control, Telkom Do Gaming decided to chat to Andre “ClwN” Wills, co-owner of eLement Gaming, about what inspired the merger:

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): Did the offer come as a surprise, or was it something that had been considered for some time?

Wills: It was initially proposed the weekend after DGC Champs last year. Originally neither teams would budge on the name or giving up of the name, so negotiations went on for awhile.

The offer was then revised and Joel “JokeRbb” Perdigao and I finally came to an agreement.

DG: What was your motivation for joining DC?

Wills: The scope of the eSports scene from a business point of view changed. There were too many worthy MGOs vying for limited opportunities with sponsorship etc. It was mutually beneficial to consolidate with Damage Control as they have an established name and good infrastructure put in place.

DG: So eLement Gaming is no more? It will be Damage Control from now on?

Wills: Well element will exist and act as its own within the ranks of DC. But yes, Element as an MGO is no more.

DG: What can we expect from DC battlefield this year? Is there a lot of preparation going in for the league?

Wills: Domination!

As for preparation it would seem so yes. The team has its own practice schedule in place to accommodate the players who are representing in the ESL team from South Africa.

Andre "ClwN" Wills

DG: What are the plans for yourself and Damage Control moving forward into 2014?

Wills: I can't speak much for DC at the moment as personally I'm quite removed from the gaming world as I've been focusing on my own business ambitions. For the next three months I'll be quiet. Just playing Dota and working on my studies and business.

DG: How does your team feel about moving from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4? Do they think the difference is significant?

Wills: My team feels that Battlefield 4 is slower than Battlefield 3, with quite a few bugs still in the system and the realism angle of BF4 has changed the feel of the game, and the “levelution” concept doesn’t aid competitive gameplay much.

The change to suppression/recoil, as well as the gameplay speed, with bugs and glitches has left a lot to be desired.

Wills added final thanks to Danial “Gandalf” van Flymen and Alastair “Lag_Beast” Bouman for accommodating them under the Damage Control name.

You can check out Damage Control's new website at

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