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Trials Completed for 2013 Nation’s Cup

Team South Africa has been chosen for the Nation’s Cup 2013 trials but the line-up hasn't yet been announced.

Seven teams competed in the South African Nation’s Cup 2013 trials held by the MSSA this past weekend and saw a few well-known teams competing. Barry ‘Anthrax’ Louzada was chosen as the Team Captain, who is part of the Knights Mind Sports Club as well as the Bravado co-captain and winner of the 2012 Do Gaming Championships (DGC) for Battlefield 3.

Telkom Do Gaming caught up with Louzada to discuss the Battlefield 3 Nations Cup as well as the trials that were held by the MSSA.

“We were told by the MSSA that we had to mix up the team and have at least one player who wasn’t in the Bravado team to enter the trials. Three of our first team players were out of the country, so we asked two of the SSG guys to join us for the trials since we had played with them before and we all get on quite well,” he says.

Apparently one of the Clan Base rules say that the national team isn’t allowed to be one complete clan. The theory behind that is that you can’t simply ask one team to represent your country as it may not be the country’s top players.

“The trials were held online and seven teams competed. We also lost a round on Saturday to the ASF team and went into the last map needing to win by 230 tickets,” he says.

Louzada says that the games on Saturday were really good and all of the teams participating did really well. He also said he was really proud of the team and believes it's a really strong team. In terms of the Protea captaincy, Louzada wasn’t too sure why he was chosen but given his past in gaming and a quick reflection on his history, it was easy to see why.

“I’ve been around for a while and I was representing South Africa back in 2007 as well when we went to Taiwan. I’m also the co-captain of Bravado with Sean ‘Suumpmolk’ McCalgan, so I think together we are able to come to some smart decisions regarding the team in-game,” he says.

In terms of preparation, Louzada said that they have looked at some of the teams in BattleLog and are going to give it their best. The team is doing a little bit of dirt-digging but that’s always a bit tricky. The team has already started organising practice games against international teams as well as their own individual practises.

Barry "Anthrax" Louzada Barry "Anthrax" Louzada

“It’s difficult to say how well we are going to do at this point because you never have the luxury of knowing who the players are or how well they play. I know in 2007 we also had no idea and in Taipai it was funny, everyone was going about their business and all of a sudden, Singapore came out of nowhere and gave everyone hidings,” he says.

South Africa is in Pot F according to the ClanBase website and will be going up against Austria, Greece and the United Kingdom. The start of the first match week is scheduled to begin on 28 January according to another post on the site. The full Protea team hasn’t been announced yet but Telkom Do Gaming would like to wish the Protea team the best of luck for the Nation’s Cup and would love to see them bring home some silverware.

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