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eLement Win NSD BF3 Invitational

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield (BF3) Invitational, hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL), has been taking place over the course of this month and finally came to a close last night as eLement – Lithium and [NSD]Sons of Liberty faced off for first place.

eLement – Lithium came into the finals with a one game advantage, thanks to them winning the winner’s bracket, meaning [NSD]Sons Of Liberty could not afford to lose either of the two best – of – three matches left in the Invitational.

The Never Say Die team looked like they might be in trouble in the first final, as eLement – Lithium managed to take a round one win, but [NSD]Sons of Liberty soon fought back valiantly and did not let the eLement side take another round for the rest of the match. Here are the round scores:

Map One – Epicentre:

  • NSD (RU) 0 -77 (US) eLement
  • NSD (US) 164 - 0 (RU) eLement

Map Two – Sharqi:

  • NSD (US) 173 - 0 (RU) eLement
  • NSD (RU) 65 - 0 (US) eLement [/list]

    This put eLement – Lithium and [NSD]Sons of Liberty tied at one match apiece and everything on the line as both teams entered the final best – of – three last night. Both teams played the highest quality Battlefield, and really put on a showcase for South African talent.

    Ultimately the eLement – Lithium side proved to be just too much for the NSD squad, giving eLement – Lithium a well deserved win. The round scores were as follows:

    Map One – Karkland:

    • eLement131 - 0 NSD
    • eLement 0 - 69 NSD

    Map Two – Tehran:

    • eLement86 - 0 NSD
    • eLement193 - 0 NSD

    With the Do Gaming Championships only days away, eLement – Lithium have shown themselves to be on top form, and now have yet to beat only one team in the Premier Division of the DGL, bvd.BF3.

    Juan “Bakgat22” Van Wyk, vice – captain of the eLement – Lithium side, complimented NSD on not only an extremely tough match, but also for a successful invitational and their promotion of eSports and the community.

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