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Battlefield 3 Summer Playoffs Concluded

Our results have been finalised for the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Battlefield 3 Summer Playoffs and there have been some surprise twists along the way in both the Premier and the Breakthrough Playoffs. Let’s take a look at how our playoffs went down.

Premier Playoffs:

Our Premier Playoffs see only the top two from each group go through to Premier Division for the Winter Leg. Group A sees =ASF=AquilA achieving a perfect 3 – 0 – 0 score in the Playoffs and a deserved spot in Premier Division. BzK-Furia also managed a good Playoff run, securing themselves the other Premier spot in Group A.

=iK=Syntax looked set to top group B after they had a 3 – 0 – 0 score in the group, but were stopped in their tracks when according to GGC they received a Punkbuster ban for hacking, thereby getting themselves disqualified. This means that PewPewRampokkers is now the top of Group B with [SiB]Hammer achieving a second place. Let’s look at who is being promoted and relegated.

Teams Promoted to Premier Division for Winter Leg:

  • =ASF=Aquila
  • BzK-Furia
  • PewPewRampokkers
  • [SiB]Hammer

Teams Relegated to First Division for Winter Leg:

  • HpX |D.E.M.O.N.S
  • =ASF=Hawks.ECS
  • [grrr]Baggers

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

Breakthrough Playoffs:

The Breakthrough Playoffs weren’t without their own drama as well as [TE]Notorious saw themselves disqualified for the same reasons as =iK=Syntax, a truly unfortunate situation. However, many teams proved that they are ready to try their hands at First Division in the Winter Leg and look hungry to prove themselves as the Do Gaming Championships looms closer.

DvGǂMisFiTs and |BFC|Crankers both achieved perfect scores in their groups, both teams winning all four of their games in the Playoffs and guaranteeing themselves two out of the four First Division spots available. Our other two spots go to [SSG]Packet Loss and [NSD]Sons of Chaos who played an impressive Playoff run, only losing to winners of their respective groups. Let’s see how things shaped up.

Teams Promoted to First Division for Winter Leg:

  • DvGǂMisFiTs
  • [SSG]Packet Loss
  • |BFC|Crankers
  • [NSD]Sons Of Chaos

Teams Relegated to Second Division for Winter Leg:

  • EoB Execution
  • |BFC|-s|- Sisera
  • VnRǂFusion
  • (Anw)AntiNaggingWives
  • [SS]Resurrection

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