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Battlefield Aftermath Video

Aftermath is the next Battlefield 3 expansion that is due to come out and it is the second last one with the final pack arriving in March 2013.

To celebrate the release of Battlefield 3: Aftermath, a launch trailer has been released, which is below. Players can expect four new maps, three new modified vehicles, a crossbow addition to the arsenal as well as a new game mode called Scavenger.

The new Scavenger mode forces players to find better weapons as the game goes on, having only started with a pistol.

Aftermath is currently available for Battlefield 3 Premium gamers on the PlayStation 3. Gamers on PC and Xbox 360 will need to wait until 4 December. If you aren’t a Premium member however, you will need to wait until 11 December for PlayStation 3 and 18 December for the other platforms.

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