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Battlefield 3 Clocks One Billion Hours Played

Battlefield has always been a powerhouse in the FPS genre, and the numbers continue to reflect that that it is here to stay. Late on Friday, EA announced on its official Battlefield Twitter that Battlefield 3 had just clocked over the one billion hours played mark, an impressive achievement by any standards.

If you start doing the math, that means that Battlefield 3 users have played over 41,666,666 days of BF3 since its release in October 2011. If you go even further, that means BF3 has racked up over 100, 000 years of played time in just over one and a half years.

If you think about that in terms of humanity, BF3 has officially been played longer than humans have been on this planet, a feat achieved by only the biggest games in the business.

How many hours have you committed to the cause? Who has the most playtime that you know of? Let us know below.

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